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Need support getting from idea to market? Recurve Solutions will make that happen. With excellence.

Our boutique service approach to customer care means we focus on kits, specialty pack formats, order picking, and associated storage for such projects. Maybe you are launching a new product, or maybe your product fits into a very niche market. Maybe you are just starting out and all of this is new to you. Any and all of those scenarios is where Recurve can help. 

With experience and expertise, we can help bring take your product to where you need it to be. As experts in Retail Displays, Promotional Packs, Kitting, and eCommerce Fulfillment, we can work with you as your co-packing partner. We know the ropes, so hang on and let's enjoy the ride. 

Custom packing and kitting provided by Recurve Solutions

Recurve Specialties and Services

Retail Displays

Retail Displays

Retails displays provide an opportunity to wow your potential customers.

Promo Packs

Promo Packs

From coupons to samples to gifts with purchase - promo packs can entice people to try and buy.



Kitting is the latest trend within product development. This is your chance to create a showstopper.

eCommerce Fulfillment

eCommerce Fulfillment

Let us do your heavy lifting! Recurve Solutions is your eCommerce fulfillment answer.

We Are Here to Help

Recurve recognizes opportunity!

In our business journey, we have been fortunate enough to be a part of some truly brilliant concepts and products. And we know that you - as someone who is new to all of this or is taking a chance on something new - may be feeling overwhelmed. We understand, and we want to help. 

Recurve is more than putting products into boxes. Recurve is about helping you navigate through this journey, connecting you to valuable resources and making sure that your path is an easy one to follow. We know where and when we need to be involved and we can help make sure that all the boxes are checked before we actually step up to the assembly line.

This is our chance to be a part of something. And we are grateful. So let's work together.

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A Variety Pack or Mix Pack is the culmination of various products, often from within the same category, into a smaller package for the consumer to experience. For example a variety pack of silk scarves from all over the world in a vast selection of colours.

Primary co-packing is packaging that works directly with the contents of the product. For example, a company that is a primary co-packer for a winery would be the one doing the liquid filling of the bottles from the barrels.

Bundle wrapping is similar to wrapping up leftovers to send home with a guest. Except the plastic film is thicker and more opaque than most plastic wrap that you would use in the home, and it is used to encase a tray full of product. This provides a secure, clean and protective way to prepare our clients' products to be ready for delivery with consistency and stability every single time.

Re-packing in the co-packers world means for us to take say 12 face creams and “re-pack” them into a container to be delivered to the retailer as 6 face creams. This makes distribution more simple and accessible for you to deliver effectively to your clients needs.

Kitting is the act of placing several items into a box. This can be anywhere from two to 20 or more individual items, with or without custom printed boxes and filling material. Examples: experience boxes for on-line conference attendees, corporate gifting for employees or customers, components for do-it-yourself kits, and more. It can even mean collation of informational/presentation binders for corporate uses. The Bullseye’s production line expertise ensures quick and accurate packing for almost any type of kitting or collation.

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