Think of us as an extension of your business, using our expertise and experience to deliver things that everyone is insanely proud of. 
Recurve solutions acts as an extension to your business to help you deliver products you are proud of

Let us introduce ourselves

We're not new to this game, but Recurve is. Originally part of Bullseye Packaging, Recurve Solutions addresses the growing need for customized, flexible, small production line co-packing and fulfillment services. For some time, we've been working with amazing clients and becoming a leader in the co-packing industry. And at the same time we started to notice that Bullseye didn't necessarily fit with everyone. What if your product is so niche that big systems don't deliver on all the little details? 

People were getting stuck and we knew that we could help. So here is Recurve - the legacy of Bullseye with a fresh approach to be what your business needs. Are you ready to join us?

our team

Stephen Peters, CEO, Co-Founder at Recurve Solutions

Stephen Peters

CEO, Co-Founder

Leader - Trainer - Facilitator. 20+ years of experience. A passion for finding ways to add value & efficiencies to client operations & projects. Confident in the brilliance of his leadership team, he works primarily behind the scenes & enjoys living in the Okanagan Valley with his large family.

Eira Braun-Labossiere, Customer Care Leader, Co-Founder at Recurve Solutions

Eira Braun-Labossiere

Customer Care Leader, Co-Founder

Passionate about creating best customer experiences in the co-packing industry since 2002, has worked from every Western province & Ontario; now thriving in Alberta with her fun husband and their 2 big houndy dogs. Loves writing, board games & nature. And chocolate!

Adrian Houser, Director of Operations, Co-Founder at Recurve Solutions

Adrian Houser

Director of Operations, Co-Founder

In the co-packing industry for 13 years - focus on alcohol and non-alcohol beverages, and consumer goods. Moved to Calgary from BC to support the Calgary operations. Happily married with 4 young children. Free time? Family first! Then maybe a nature walk or some reading.

Darren Bolko, Plant Manager, Co-Founder at Recurve Solutions

Darren Bolko

Plant Manager, Co-Founder

Over 11 years in the co-pack industry, starting on the production floor, working my way up into management, I am proud to ensure our clients that we take pride in the quality of the work we do. You'll also find me camping, hiking, cooking, and spending time with my family.

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Our network

We've been through the whole journey before. And along the way, we've met some amazing talent, some truly helpful people and organizations, and lined up all of the resources that you may need as you start your own journey.

Recurve isn't a primary co-packer, and in many cases, that's who you might initially need. We have created an alliance with other suppliers and vendors - people we refer to and that refer to us - so that you are working with WHO you should be working with WHEN you should be working with them. It takes a village... right?

We are here to help in whatever way we can. Maybe it's not Recurve Solutions that you need right now, but that doesn't mean we can't point you in the right direction and help you make some connections. And when you need us and things line up, we'll be here ready.