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Jay's Tasty Adventures

The opportunity

Jay’s Tasty Adventures’ motto is, “every day should be a tasty adventure for your dog or cat”

Their premium dog and cat treat snacks are created in their own facility in Canada using small batch and "minimally processed" production techniques. Using dehydration and air-drying methods they ensure their ingredients maintain their full nutritional and taste potential. Your dog and cat will appreciate the extra time and special care Jay’s takes to give them their tasty adventure.

Services provided
  • Retail Displays

The results


With Jay’s Tasty Adventures becoming so popular, they encountered a good problem to have at the end of Q4. With the holidays approaching, their B2B Jay’s Meat Bars orders were mounting, and their packaging line was overwhelmed. They had to find a reliable custom co-packer to outsource their production overflow.

The client supplied us with their bulk product together with all packaging components required and we took care of the rest. Holding a Food Handling Permit and following GMP Guidelines in our clean facility, we filled individual packages with a meat bar treat, securely heat sealed the packaging and loaded the finished product into retail ready display boxes.

With our efficient production lines and detailed attention to quality, Jay’s Tasty Adventures was able to make all their deliveries.

I wanted to send the team over at Recurve a well-deserved positive testimony in regards to their services that were offered to Jay's Tasty Adventures. We were in a real bind towards the end of 2020 in getting our dog treats out to our customers in time for their busy holiday shopping time. We had no way internally to get our dog treats out in time due to an overwhelmed packaging line. Recurve Solutions stepped in to provide specialized packaging solutions for us and we were able to get our dog treats out to our customers right on time. I highly recommend Recurve Solutions if you're ever in a bind like we were in late 2020.

- Jay Bailey, President