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One For The Road Brewing Co.

The opportunity

The concept of our non-alcoholic beer started back in 2006. The man who would eventually become the founder of One For The Road Brewing Co. took a year off from drinking in support of someone special in his life who needed to quit. That year showed him the benefits of sobriety.

Even though there were huge benefits to it, he still missed the social side of “going for a beer”. At the time, since the non-alcoholic beer selection was lacking, One For The Road Brewing was born.

OFTR loves being able to provide good award-winning craft beer to all beer lovers.

The most rewarding part is receiving the emails and shout-outs from those that are so happy to either have beer back in their lives or those who are able to enjoy more craft beer more often, and without being limited by alcohol.

Services provided
  • Variety Packs

The results


What better way for our brewery to showcase a flavour line than by offering our fans a mix pack. With limited warehouse space, OFTR needed to outsource the assembly to local variety pack specialists.

Hearing good things about Bullseye Packaging Services, we obtained a quote from Recurve Solutions, their division that partners with growing businesses in the LTL volume space. It wasn’t long after that we booked in some line time with them.

We had Recurve Solutions assemble two varieties: our Trek variety pack consisting of 2 x 4 flavours and our Trail variety pack with 2 x 4 of our other flavours. With these beautifully boxed sets of beer available online and in stores, we know they are going to fly off the shelves.

From my first conversation with Eira I was confident that Bullseye was a company that we wanted to work with.  Our hunch was right, we have had only positive experiences with our runs with them.  I would, and have, referred to them for co-packing needs with confidence.

- Graham Matheos - Teetotaling Founder - One For The Road