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Partake Brewing

The opportunity

We’re on a mission to prove that alcohol doesn’t have a monopoly on good times. Taking a break from alcohol shouldn’t mean sacrificing the social connection that comes with it.

Today, Partake boasts IPA, Pale, Blonde, Peach Gose, Red, and Dark/Stout as part of our genuinely crafted non-alcoholic beer offerings. That’s not by accident, it’s part of our mission of social inclusion. If NA drinkers want to feel good about their beverage of choice, they need a choice to begin with. Preferably one that doesn’t waver on taste. Brewed by beer lovers, for beer lovers, Partake is not only praised for its authentic beer flavour, but also its game changing low calorie counts. At just 10 – 30 calories per can, Partake beers have the lowest calories on the market. This combination of great taste, range of flavours and low calories make Partake a refreshingly obvious choice for enjoying on any occasion, no matter the reason for cutting back on alcohol.

Partake has become one of the top selling non-alcoholic beers in North America. We distribute across Canada and are continuing our rapid expansion into the US.

So when we needed our six packs assembled for ongoing US sales, we called on Recurve Solutions.

Services provided
  • Variety Packs

The results

Partake Blonde + IPA
Partake Non Alcoholic
Partake 2 Cans

We had orders for Blonde, Dark, Pale, IPA flavours that needed to be converted from flats of 24 into our American 6-pack packaging. It was important for the printed cartons to match the beer flavour as well as the printing on the corresponding trays.

Recurve ensured accommodation of all our requests, including the confirmation of correct packaging. While we had worked with Recurve’s sister company, Bullseye, previously, Recurve avoided any assumptions on the project sending us photos of first packs for approval prior to proceeding. This assured us that the team fully understood all important details required on the project. With proficient, timely service, they turned around our 6 packs in no time.