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The opportunity

SOLE Beverages Inc. originates from the heart of Langley, BC bringing alcohol to the next level.  Our team's passion is to bring our community a healthy, hydrating alternative to sugary beverages and provide a quality beverage for any occasion.  What makes SOLE Beverages different?  Our bubble-free vodka water has electrolytes for taste, allowing for optimal hydration throughout any event.  The product is topped with using the clearest glacier waters from BC's very own backyard, and lightly flavored with all natural flavoring extracts.  We have since added a great-tasting line of Hard Iced Teas, with 0G sugar, bubble-free and sweetened with delicious monk fruit.  It was time to promote our entire line, and offer the “Sole Experience Pack”.

Services provided
  • Variety Packs

The results

SOLE x Recurve Solutions

Distributing to BC and Alberta, we were in need of a Calgary-based business to assemble variety packs.  The 12 packs were to contain a combination of our Vodka Water flavors and Hard Iced Teas flavors so we were looking for a dependable copacker with a high level of experience to make these just right.  

We learned about Recurve’s services through their sister company, Bullseye Packaging Services.  While Bullseye and Recurve share the same owner and management team, Recurve specializes in supporting growing-to-medium-sized businesses in particular.  Since Recurve is located right across from Bullseye it was just as easy to ship to them.  

The Recurve team handled our project with care, taking the time to share photos with us for approval every step of the way.  This practice reassured us when the project was under way and allowed us to see how the project was coming together.  We are delighted with the result!

"Bullseye Packaging and newly formed Recurve Solutions performed beautifully! When it comes to filling our 12 packs, we will continue to use their professional services. The attention to detail and constant communication was second to none. SOLE Beverages would like to thank everyone at both facilities for all your help, start to finish."

- Taylor Seganfreddo, COO