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Are You Pallet Display-Ready for Costco Canada?

Eira Braun-Labossiere February 08, 2023

You’ve got your product booked into Costco this year – congratulations!

You are working with your design team and printer to create beautiful, branded trays and packaging that meet Costco specs.

You’ve got everything lined up except… who will actually assemble your display?

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A competent secondary co-packer knows all the ins and outs of assembling pallet displays or drop ready pallets.

Co-packers prepare the selling units and load and stack trays, not only to your specifications, but most importantly to Costco’s specs.

Perhaps your selling unit is a multi-pack that needs to be assembled with clear shrink wrap.

Or maybe your pallet display involves items pre-loaded into cartons, then into trays. Do not take for granted the manufacturer or tray producer will take on pallet display assembly.

So, why outsource the pallet display assembly to a co-packer?

The Costco Pallet Display-Ready Solution


A reliable co-packer helps you adhere to Costco specs. They understand sturdy pallet configurations and will flag any issues they observe in maintaining your displays’ integrity.


Paying attention to details on the ground can save you headaches, time and sometimes even money. For instance, Costco does not tolerate “overhang” or broken CHEP pallets. A careful co-packer recognizes the little things that can otherwise chip away at delivery time.


A co-packing facility has the real estate it takes to hold temporary inventory to the space it takes to build numerous pallet displays at a time.


Besides the actual, physical assembly process, records need to be kept for tracking reasons and inventory. Outsourcing your work to a co-packer with these systems in place will handle the minutia -- such as noting lot codes and expiry dates in Production Reports that may be vital to tracking your bundles or kits.

Recurve Solutions offers retail-ready shrink wrapping, multi-pack assembly and pallet display assembly for Costco and other banner store displays. For a free quote on assembly/production contact us today!