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How to Become a Subscription Box Provider

Faith Rance May 16, 2022

How to Become a Subscription Box Provider

As a business owner you’ve probably noticed that your competitors have begun offering subscription boxes for their customers. For local Albertans you need look no further than the Alberta Chamber Market.  It’s like Amazon, but local!

The pandemic certainly has been a motivator to keep store sales rolling, but we are seeing this trend continue to grow. Let’s examine why.

Photo by Supply on Unsplash

Why subscription boxes in particular?

Four key reasons for the growth in subscription boxes are due to Convenience, Personalization, Value, and Novelty  While the online trend in subscription boxes has been growing largely over the last ten years, we’ve also been seeing local brick and mortar businesses adding e-commerce and subscription-based sales. Customers love the convenience and bespoke selections matched to their needs. It’s fun and can offer bundling deals towards specific purchases. For these reasons, a wide variety of subscription boxes are expected to continue to grow in popularity.

How can I deliver on this for my clients?

So, how can you keep up with this new innovative demand that adds labour, time, lots of trial and error, and even designing specific packaging for this new project you have on your hands?

Here’s what you could do:

  1. Do it yourself by hand, in your home, going the extra mile for your customers at the cost of your own free time.
  2. Train your employees how to do the job after many hours of research, trial and error, advertising, marketing campaigns etc.
  3. Outsource to a secondary co-packer who has the warehouse space, pre-trained staff and systems expertise.

While the first two options keep things in house, they can also suck up hours of valuable time that you could be spending on the aspects of your business that bring you the most joy.

Partner with Recurve Solutions so you can focus on your business and outsource the fulfilment to a co-packer that cares about your success. Contact us now and let’s make it happen!