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Specialty Beverages Require a Specialty Re-packer

Eira Braun-Labossiere May 31, 2023

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You see them everywhere!

Specialty beverages are trending in a big way. We’re talking about healthier, function or benefit-focused, low-calorie, low- or no-alcohol beverages.

We’ve seen low alcoholic beers in grocery stores for years now, but a huge variety of flavours are now all over the market. Swelling in popularity too are low alcohol seltzers, flavoured waters, mineral-infused waters, low-calorie canned wine, sports drinks, fortified fruit drinks and so much more.

We’re also talking about every variety of RTD (Ready To Drink) beverage you can imagine.

The list is quite endless but in this category you’ll find cocktails, teas and coffees, matcha, kombuchas, meal replacers, … you see what I mean?

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How to Find Efficiencies in Smaller Production Runs?

Besides their growing popularity, these beverages have another thing in common.  If they are produced in small batches with more flavours than traditional canned drinks, this can present a logistical challenge.

Keep in mind, that small production runs can be complicated for large manufacturers that are accustomed to long, single-flavour or single-SKU production runs. Forming smaller volumes into variety packs can interrupt their flow and efficiencies.

Often the product launches have special needs and become a learning curve for the client. 

This can leave the business owner stuck between their manufacturer’s lack of priority due to efficiency conflicts and having to figure it out themselves.

Fortunately, there are some secondary co-packers who specialize in supporting this scenario. They provide fast turnaround on small launches of variety packs and promo packs.

Holding relevant liquor handling licenses, they have the expertise on assembly to get the finished goods out the door and on their way to store shelves.

Corporate Conundrums

In other cases, corporate projects may also find co-packing challenges their own version of specialty beverages. They may be experimenting with how to compete with emerging brands through small trial runs of flavours and varieties.

When they are unaccustomed to coordinating small scale trial promotions, the right secondary co-packer can expedite the process with their scalable capacity.

Whether your beverage is an up-and-comer or a new SKU being promoted in a corporate capacity, there is an efficient solution to handling smaller scale projects. Finding the right secondary co-packer to assemble your promotional packs is your key.

Recurve Solutions holds the necessary licensing for secondary co-packing of food and beverage, liquor and has a penchant for small production runs.

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