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Boutique Shops Need Boutique Help

Eira Braun-Labossiere January 24, 2022

It can be a little unpredictable when your company is growing. You don’t want to hire too many staff if you can’t keep them busy, but when the boom hits, you can’t do it all by yourself.

Turning to a custom co-packer means you have a partner that’s just a phone call or email away. However, not all co-packers offer the same services or customer care. Some co-packers only focus on very large volumes. What you need for your boutique business is a boutique-centric co-packer.

Here’s what I mean:

Help! I can't meet my timelines!

PROBLEM: You just got that huge order you’ve been waiting for, hurrah! But they want it delivered when?

Yikes, you can’t fulfill an order that size with your small team and you can’t just suddenly train a bunch of people yourself and still meet the timeline.

CUSTOMIZED SOLUTION: When you outsource your product and packaging to a seasoned co-packing production team, they have the space and the know-how to assemble goods in the most efficient way. TIP: A trustworthy co-packer will send you photos for approval prior to the job, ensuring all your little details are addressed with confidence.

My company does not have the bandwidth for custom assembly services.

PROBLEM: Just because you manufacture a product doesn’t mean you have the labour or warehouse resources to kit it for retail or wholesale orders.

CUSTOM SOLUTION: Ship your manufactured pieces to your co-packer with instructions on how you need it prepared. From there, they can replicate the approved process over and over until the order is complete.

TIP: To streamline the process, send all individual pieces to your co-packer for storage. Then they can store and prepare upon every order notification instead of waiting for separate components.

I want to focus on marketing, not fuss with fulfillment.

PROBLEM: Sometimes growing your product from infancy can make it feel like its your “baby” and feel compelled to do everything. In time you may become ready to let go in terms of outsourcing the fulfillment portion to a supplier.

CUSTOM SOLUTION: A co-packer can assemble all the parts to your specifications to make it into a sell-able product, then package it into sellable units. From there, the co-packer can fulfill all the orders on your behalf, updating you along the way, but leaving you hands-free to focus on production and marketing.

TIP: As this is your “baby” you will want to select your fulfilment “caretaker” carefully. The last thing you want to do is disappoint your shoppers with late or damaged product. It doesn’t take much to turn off a consumer with other options available to them on the market.

The bottom line is that you want a co-packer that cares about the little custom details.

- Stephen Peters

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