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You Gotta Be Kittin’ Me!

Eira Braun-Labossiere March 08, 2023

Let’s find some common ground on what we mean by “Kits” and “Kitting”.  How do co-packing and kitting relate to growing your business?

Kitting is the act of picking two or more items and packing them uniformly into a container (like a box or bag) to create one single unit. Sounds pretty straightforward, right?

But what if there are hundreds of these to pack? Or more complicated yet, what if there are various items to kit into hundreds of boxes? 

A professional secondary co-packer is highly experienced in setting up efficient assembly lines.  They understand the nature of combining items into single selling units and so kitting can be a natural extension of their services.

How to Leverage Your Kitting

In vague terms, kits are an easy concept. But when and how would it be appropriate to outsource your kitting to a copacker?

Answer: when you don’t have the labour force or when your quantities are just too high for you and your team to handle. Let’s explore some ideas on why and when you’d need high volume kitting.


Supplier sample kits - showcasing options or specific selections of product

Conference vendors – sample kits to illustrate product and interest prospective customers at their booth

Gestures of Thanks:

Corporate Kits - commemorate a loyal partnership

Client appreciation swag bags/kits

Welcome aboard!

On-boarding with pre-kitted swag bags for new employees

On-boarding with pre-kitted goody bags for new clients

Special Events:

Corporate holiday gift baskets

Corporate invitations with goodies to AGMs and special events

Corporate Anniversary/Milestone celebrations goody bag

Conference swag bags

What kinds of businesses may use kits to grow their businesses?

When the nature of your product is selling a multi-piece kit as a single selling unit, outsourcing to a specialty co-packer will save a business time and a lot of warehouse space.

Here are just a few examples of the kinds of businesses that leverage the power of a kitting co-pack partner:

First Aid Kit Manufacturers – co-packer coordinates the right items into various style of kits

E-commerce Sales – co-packer assembles retail kits to custom order or pre-kits subscription boxes for online sale

Real Estate Agencies client loyalty thank you – co-packer pre-kits

Accounting Services client loyalty thank you – co-packer pre-kits

Event Planners – co-packer packs swag bags for large corporate events

Corporate Employee Reward Programs – co-packer prepares custom employee rewards kits

Growing Your Business with Kits

Let’s summarize where the strategy of kit outsourcing cost savings and business growth come into play for kitting as a sales unit:

Kitting is an inventory management technique that can help companies increase revenue, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. With kitting, companies define a set of complementary items that customers can order as a single unit. This often increases average order value and helps companies sell slow-moving items, while reducing warehouse picking and packing costs.

- David Luther, Digital Content Strategist at Oracle NetSuite

Remember, too, that gifting never goes out of style:

  • Branded items within kits keep a business top of mind.
  • Being recognized and thanked leaves a positive impression on a client or prospect.
  • Physical samples for preview and trial prior to purchase establish a trusted relationship.

Consider kitting in your strategic business plans this year. It is an effective solution with a defined business growth purpose

Recurve Solutions offers professional custom kitting with no minimum quantity requirement.  For your free quote contact us today!