When one of those goes with one of these.
Recurve provides worry-free product kits

Kitting Brings It All Together

We put our proven processes into action to create a products that meet your needs

Subscription boxes, product testers, or a collaboration between partners - you name it, we can help!

Kitting is the latest trend within product development; influencers use them, they are great way to say thank you, or the perfect way of showcasing stunning product testers. Let's get your products seen with sleek, organized, and worry-free product kits. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Are you uncertain as to how to get your box designed? We have the perfect resources to help you! Let's work together from the start to determine what your kit is all about - who will receive it, how will it be used, and why each piece is important. Then we'll put our proven processes into action and create a product that meets your needs. Our dedicated team meticulously manages your inventory, creating one ideal product from many.

What we can do

  • Custom Kits
  • Specialty Pack Formats
  • Order Picking
  • Accurate Fulfillment
  • Precise Products Assembly
  • Special Labelling
  • Display Assembly & Loading
  • Promotional Packs
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Project Related Storage
  • Hand Assembly
  • White Glove Service

How we help

The most important aspect of kitting is the set up, making sure that systems are in place to deliver quality. We know from our experience that access, inventory, packaging, and process are all vital to the success of a kitting project. It starts with a test run, ensuring that standards are met and the end product is perfect. From there, we scale it up so that the Recurve team can jump into action. Hands-on team members guide your kit through the assembly process, ensuring quality testing at every point. And it doesn't stop there! Once kits are assembled, we can help package up and deliver to wherever and whoever is waiting for their arrival. 

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Re-packing in the co-packers world means for us to take say 12 face creams and “re-pack” them into a container to be delivered to the retailer as 6 face creams. This makes distribution more simple and accessible for you to deliver effectively to your clients needs.

Swag Bags or Goody Bags are given away as free items to conference or meeting attendees. These bags or boxes typically contain branded items (like pens, memory sticks, product samples, etc.) from conference sponsors who wish to advertise their company’s services or goods. Clients send us all the materials and products for Bullseye to fill or kit these as specified.

Kitting is the act of placing several items into a box. This can be anywhere from two to 20 or more individual items, with or without custom printed boxes and filling material. Examples: experience boxes for on-line conference attendees, corporate gifting for employees or customers, components for do-it-yourself kits, and more. It can even mean collation of informational/presentation binders for corporate uses. The Bullseye’s production line expertise ensures quick and accurate packing for almost any type of kitting or collation.

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