Promo Packs

Everybody loves a little extra something.
Recurve helps to add a little extra something

Test it. Promote it. Gift it.

Recurve Solutions helps to test your product in the market before mass production

Are you looking to branch out from your niche and explore more avenues for product development?

Before you spend money on mass production, we can help you test your product in the market. From coupons to samples, QR codes to educational literature, complementary products to gifts with purchase - utilizing promo packs can entice people to try and buy. Whatever you need to bring awareness to your product, we will support you! Our trained experts are here to keep it simple and roll out extraordinary products. 

Years of experience and fine-tuning our process means that we are experts in promotional packs and products. Quality assurance and testing is included in every step and lands with better results.

What we can do

  • Custom Kits
  • Specialty Pack Formats
  • Order Picking
  • Accurate Fulfillment
  • Precise Products Assembly
  • Special Labelling
  • Display Assembly & Loading
  • Promotional Packs
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Project Related Storage
  • Hand Assembly
  • White Glove Service

How we help

Recurve Solutions can be a resource for you and your business. We'll take our knowledge and best-practices when it comes to promo packs and help guide you through the process. We know that in many cases, promotional packs require a hands-on process, and we are never concerned about rolling up our sleeves and putting the white gloves on. We'll run sample tests to make sure that the process we have in place is going to work for your product, making any necessary adjustments along the way. 

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This could refer to anything you want attached to your product to capture your target audience’s attention and encourage them to buy. (i.e. coupon, gift with purchase, etc.)

Coupons are a great purchase incentive and can be attached to your product by adhesive, elastic, a die-cut hole, neck tag, etc.

GWP is an acronym for “Gift With Purchase”. It is an add-on to an existing product. Two examples could be a miniature freebie attached to the product for purchase, or the product purchase may make a consumer eligible to receive an item from a dump bin display.

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