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Adding a little delight and a lot of wow.
Recurve Solutions are experts in retail displays

When a shelf just isn't enough

We are your experts when it comes to retail displays.

The key there is "your". We do this for you - taking your product and packaging and wrapping it all up in our experience and expertise. From assembling the box or tray to filling your retail display, we will do it all and do it to perfection. We even coordinate the delivery. 

Retails displays provide an opportunity to wow consumers. The visual appeal alone attracts the eye and a well-designed and well-placed display can greatly increase sales. Retail displays also give you more real estate to promote your brand and the benefits of your product.

Don't let this type of opportunity sneak past you... we've been doing this a long time and we've got your back.

Let us be your doers.

What we can do

  • Custom Kits
  • Specialty Pack Formats
  • Order Picking
  • Accurate Fulfillment
  • Precise Products Assembly
  • Special Labelling
  • Display Assembly & Loading
  • Promotional Packs
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Project Related Storage
  • Hand Assembly
  • White Glove Service

How we help

Recurve recognizes that entering a market and getting your products out there can be daunting. So let's start with getting to know each other and how we can work together. When it comes to retail displays, we can provide guidance, recommendations, and success tips that we have experienced over the years. We'll help to create your check list (things we need from you) and then make sure you know our check list (what you'll get from us). Measure twice, cut once, right? We're here to get it right, for you and with you.

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As the name implies, floorstand displays sit on the floor and typically stand 4-5 feet high.  Shelves or hooks hold out the product for sale.

These displays are hung at the end of an aisle but still facing the row you were just shopping.  Think of a floorstand without a base that is raised to eye level and hung there.

Don’t confuse End Caps with Side Kicks because while an end cap too is set up at the end of an aisle, essentially it IS the end of the aisle.

A shortened way to say “corrugate prepack displays”. These displays are “pre-packed” so they are assembled, loaded with product and then are slid into a corrugate shipping cartons. Their purpose is to make set up at store level much easier.

We all know that PDQ stands for Pretty Darn Quick, and that describes how fast it is to set up these displays that sit on a counter or a shelf. In store set up typically requires the stock keeper (? term) to tear at perforated lines to remove the top and convert it into the display’s header.

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