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Eira Braun-Labossiere November 16, 2023

We have been noticing some co-packing trends taking off this past year that we’d like to explore.

Pick and Pack

Start-ups are outgrowing their home-based businesses, wanting to liberate their personal space and their valuable time. They want to be able to work on building up their companies instead of the actual ongoing fulfillment process.

These clients are a perfect fit for secondary co-packers that focus on the day-to-day minutia, while the client can rather concentrate on expanding their reach and escalating their orders.


Nobody likes a do-over but there are times when packaging needs a little correction, for whatever reason. Typically, it requires manual label application in order to locate and cover the error with the stickered amendment.

These are welcome projects for re-packers, especially during their off-season time when they can dedicate their work force to this specialty type of work.

Variety Packs

Some things always trend, like variety packs as a promotional tool for alcoholic or other beverages, like energy drinks or soft drinks. It’s vital, however, to select a strong variety pack assembly force in the beverage industry. One that is flexible enough to coordinate with small clients who only need four pallets or multi-national corporate clients shipping in hundreds of truckloads annually.

Non-Alcoholic Beers and Cocktails

Further to the variety pack trend above, the non-alc or low-alc category continues to grow. Like their alcohol counterparts, variety packs are a great way to gain an uptick in sales. One advantage this category has is that they can find shelves in both liquor stores and grocery chains.

“Change alone is unchanging.” (Heraclitus)

Trends come and go, but a great co-packer is worth its weight in gold. Partner with one that is ahead of the curve and can be versatile in adapting to new trends.

The partnership should be a trusting one you can count on when in need of reliable, professional support.

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