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How to Promote Natural Health Products as Value Packs

Eira Braun-Labossiere January 29, 2024

Value is first and foremost on consumers’ minds these days. With escalating grocery bills, shoppers are keeping an eagle eye on where they can find discounts and stretch their dollar just a little further.

Natural Health Products are often viewed as a premium and may be one of the first purchases the shopper cuts from their list.

So, what is the best way to position your natural brand so that you can keep within financial reach of your target market without dipping too deeply into your profit margin?

Value in Volume

Multi-packs are a fantastic drawing card. They feature a larger volume purchase that will last longer requiring less repeat purchase.

Value in Presentation

A multi-pack also gives the option of a variety pack, promoting a means of trial with two or more flavour SKUs. Temporary corrugate displays are another way to catch a second look as you propose the value of your product.

Value in Convenience

Bundling two or more flavours or same size SKUs also promotes a faster shopping experience. It cuts down on the need for the shopper to search for another complementary item when a single selling unit will do and also may minimize comparison shopping against your competitors’ products.

Partner with an NHP Site Licenced Co-packer

The key is in creating your specialty pack wisely and then having it packaged in a crisp printed folding carton or shrink wrapped into one neat item.

When a manufacturer or distributor doesn’t want to go through the bother of putting these together in house, they need to partner with a co-packer – but not any co-packer. Ensure your supporting player is holding an NHP Site Licence. With a “labelling” designation, a licensed co-packer can offer you a number of options.

They can assemble variety packs or multipacks. If a gift with purchase will draw in a sale, a co-packer can execute the assembly for you on that program. What about a prepack display? Time and space consuming, copackers have the production space to construct and pre-load them prior to distribution.

Keep in mind that if you change the format of an NHP retail unit, the NPN and important label information must be available to the consumer to read, prior to purchase. If the promotional result blocks the necessary information, the co-packer needs to apply a label repeating the necessary public facing information. The site licensed co-packer will apply your labels to the finished goods, in compliance with Health Canada regulations.

Let an NHP Site Licensed co-packer support your promotional efforts with their professional service options.

Recurve Solutions is a division of Bullseye Packaging Services that holds an NHP Site License. Let us be your promotional execution partner.

Contact Eira today for support on your next NHP brand promotion: or 403-970-7155.