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Eira Braun-Labossiere September 13, 2022

Referrals are golden. Having some guidance on selecting your co-packer helps to set your expectations for the kind of results and customer care you are looking for.

As with any vendor, the first time you partner with a co-packer you don’t know what you’ve truly got until you run a project together.

What are your expectations on service and finished goods? Not all co-packers are created equal and I’m sure you can relate to the trepidatious feeling when entering into a new professional relationship.  Referrals help ease the anxiety but don’t be afraid to fully express your expectations to your co-packer.  Set each other up for success for the benefit of a successful product launch.

Here are three types of service you may get from a contract packager – set your expectations accordingly.

Photo by by Pixabay from Pexels


The basics: This is the co-packer you expect will only perform the service you ask of them. You discuss the project, they give you a quote and perform the co-packing task. When copacker communication is low it opens the project up to error and potentially “re-dos”. That’s pretty much all you’ll get.


Supportive service: Beyond the project at hand, the co-packer is engaging and will make suggestions on ways you can keep your pricing as low as possible. They obtain client approvals and may catch anomalies in packaging materials or product and flag them for you.


Supportive service + the big picture: The co-packer is happy to do all of the above plus refer you to vendors you may need before or after them in the supply chain. Instead of saying a hard no to activities they may not do, they will ask you questions about what it is you need and make suggestions on another supplier that could help get you what you need at the moment. They show their vested interest in your overall success.


By networking with related suppliers in the industry, a secondary co-packer not only supports their valued clients or potential clients, they are supporting the local economy in their city, province or country. They are helping everyone to succeed and keep the supply chain flowing along.

Spread the word: Referrals are a powerful tool in maintaining supply chain movement and contributes toward a strong and growing economy.

Because Recurve Solutions’ focus is to support growing and medium sized businesses, our aim is to serve your high expectations.  We are always happy to answer your questions and offer suggestions.

More than that, we are actively growing a network of complementary vendors for when you need support before or after our position in the supply chain; we do our part to get you there faster.  Contact us today!